Behind the Scenes - Dairy Farming

As we are part of the farming community, issues which affect the community are important to us. Non more so than the current issue regarding the decrease in the price of milk for dairy farmers. With Wednesday last week being world milk day we want to celebrate this part of our community and help to raise awareness of this important issue.

Dairy farming has been hugely publicised recently due to the falling prices of milk and the impact this has on dairy farmers. These are challenging times for dairy farmers and the infographics below from outline some of the key statistics.

If you would like to know more about how you can support dairy farmers download an information document here from -

As This is Dairy Farming so rightly put it, farmers are not just food producers, they are custodians of the countryside. They are working in harmony with the environment to keep Britain beautiful and farming forever.

Without farming many things that you take for granted would be impacted; things like spotting a heard of cows in a field, visiting a festival held on a farm, taking a walk in the countryside, or even camping out in it. These things are made possible because of the ways in which British dairy farmers help to support the environment.

Here is a great video produced by This is Dairy Farming to show just how much would be lost if we didn't have our British dairy farming industry.