The Health Benefits of Rapeseed Oil

We often speak about the health benefits of our rapeseed oil. It is such a large part of why we started our business and wanted to develop this amazing product.

Rapeseed oil can substitute many ingredients in your everyday cooking and baking to provide you with a much healthier alternative. The following are just some of the health benefits rapeseed oil contains:

  • Rapeseed oil has half the saturated fat of olive oil
  • Brock and Morten rapeseed oil is 100% British, grown and produced in Derbyshire by our own hands!
  • With a high burning point of 220 ºc, rapeseed oil is considered a healthier alternative to other options such as vegetable, olive and sunflower oils.
  • Rapeseed oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3,6 & 9.
  • Brock and Morten rapeseed oil contains no artificial preservatives or colours. That beautiful golden colour is all natural!
  • Rapeseed oil can reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • The British Heart Foundation recommend the use of rapeseed oil.

Many celebrity chefs including Raymond BlancJamie OilverHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, James Martin and Nigella Lawson all sing the praises of rapeseed oil and the health benefits of using it in cooking.

Not only is it good for you, but Brock and Morten have a range of delicious natural flavours to enhance your recipes. Visit our online shop and try them for yourself.