Product of the Month - Basil Rapeseed Oil

We have recently featured a lot of our new exiting products on our blog such as our mayonnaise range and honey, but today we are going back to one of our original products and it’s a summer favourite of ours!

Our basil flavoured rapeseed oil was one of our original flavoured oils which we launched back in 2014. The basil flavoured rapeseed oil is a great kitchen essential and perfect for adding to summery dishes such as salads, pasta and pizza. 

We have been told by our customers that the basil flavour rapeseed oil is a popular addition to any summer dining table for drizzling over meals. 

For inspiration and ideas for using your basil flavoured rapeseed oil check out our recipe page. One of our favourite recipes for using Brock and Morten basil oil is this delicious but simple Italian style salad

Our basil oil can also be found in our kitchen collection set, which is a great selection of oils to introduce you into the Brock and Morten flavoured rapeseed oil range.