Behind the Scenes - Production

Brock and Morten is based on our family farm in Ashford in the Water, in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Every step of our rapeseed oil production process is carried out here and we are proud of the low food mileage that our rapeseed oil range has. 

Our process begins by growing the oil seed rape crop on our farm. The beautiful and iconic yellow flowers can be seen around from April to June. Most people recognise these stunning fields of yellow, but don't associate them with the delicious rapeseed oil that is produced from this crop. 

We harvest our oil seed rape crop in August, weather dependant!  The combine separates the tiny black seeds pictured below. On site at Brock and Morten we have our own press, this machine extracts the oil from the seed by cold pressing which we then bottle on site, ready to go out to our stockists and customers. 

From the oil extraction process a byproduct is left. This is pictured below. This byproduct goes to feed livestock on our farm and is a great, nutritional food for them. This means that nothing at all goes to waste from the production of our rapeseed oils. 

We are proud to guarantee that every bottle of Brock and Morten rapeseed oil that you buy has followed the same low food mileage process.