Product of the Month - Garlic Rapeseed Oil

Our feature product of the month for October is our Garlic rapeseed oil. This oil has to be one of our best sellers and a real favourite with our regular customers. 

Now that we are well into the autumn season we know that our garlic rapeseed oil will be a much used ingredient in many of our recipes including stews, soups and roast veg.

Our garlic rapeseed oil has a base of our natural rapeseed oil with the addition of natural garlic flavouring to add a delicious taste. This oil is great for adding to dishes or enjoying on its own as a dipping oil with some delicious fresh bread. 

We often taste our dishes and realise that more garlic is needed, but it is far too late to add fresh as it will be uncooked and bitter. A drizzle of our garlic rapeseed oil is a real life saver in this situation and this is what makes it a store cupboard essential. 

For some ideas of how to use our garlic rapeseed oil and for some meal inspiration see our recipe page