A Healthy and Speedy Working Lunch Recipe

Healthy lunch recipes made with rapeseed oil

If like us you are always on the go, super busy and struggle to actually stop and take a break within your working day; this recipe is for you! 

We completely understand how difficult it can be to find time to make healthy and nutritious food when you have a busy working day and lots to juggle. We also appreciate that the healthy stuff takes that little bit of extra time out of your day too. But we think it is worth it, so we have come up with this 5-minute lunch jar recipe that will help provide you with a nutritious lunch and prevent you from heading to the drive through or snack cupboard at lunch time. 

This recipe is for a delicious salad jar which can be tailored to your tastes and preferences.

Most people hear the word salad and switch off, but we promise, this one will be yummy! With the help of one of our flavoured rapeseed oils, it will be full of flavour as well as vitamins and nutritional elements which will give you a great boost of energy for the afternoon. 

Healthy lunch ideas for work
rapeseed oil pesto salad dressing
Healthy work lunch

For this recipe, you will need to start with an empty and clean Kilner jar or something similar with a good sealable lid. 

This salad can be made up of all your favourite components, the only thing you need to do is consider how you layer them. The veggies and other elements that may squash under the weight of anything else should remain at the top of the jar and anything that is weighty and likely to squash the other items should sit at the bottom. 

Some of the items we love to include are: 

- Firstly a layer of cous cous, pasta or lentils at the bottom. This can be a good way to use up left overs. 

- We then add a big handful of salad leaves or spinach. 

- On top of this, we like to add in a range of other salad items such as peppers, spring onion, mushrooms and grated carrot. 

- The above provides the basic components of the dish; it's now time to get creative and think about flavour. You could add in some sun-dried tomatoes; fruits such as peach, grapefruit, and apple and nuts such as pine nuts or cashews. 

- Now to get to the topping, whether you want to use left over chicken from last nights dinner, or fresh, crumbled feta now is the time to add this in. 

- The final, but most important element to the whole dish, to ensure it is extra tasty is the dressing. Sometimes a good drizzle of one of our flavoured rapeseed oils is enough. We can highly recommend lemon, basil or chilli rapeseed oil for this, depending on your tastes. Another great option is to combine some of either the natural rapeseed oil or flavoured rapeseed oil with  a couple of tea spoons of green pesto. This give a great extra flavour hit to your salad. We also have some great rapeseed oil salad dressing recipes here, if you would like to take this step one stage further. 

And there you have it. A quick to prepare, but full of flavour lunch for your busy working day. We can assure you, you will be the envy of the office!