Our Rapeseed Oil

rapeseed oil crop

Over the past month you can’t fail to have seen the glorious yellow fields all around the UK. This beautiful yellow flower is the oil seed rape flower that we use to make our delicious rapeseed oil. The flower on this crop is very short lived. Once the flower has disappeared the crop will be harvested to make rapeseed oil. 

The oil seed rape crop typically grows to 100cm high and the term rapeseed refers to the harvested component of the crop. Each stalk of the oil seed rape crop has multiple flowers on, which is why the oil seed rape fields that you see really do look so lush and vibrant.

rapeseed oil flower
rapeseed flower

During the processing of the rapeseed into oil, a by-product is left behind. This by-product is high in protein and makes an excellent animal feed. This means that during the production process there is no waste at all.

As we have mentioned on the blog before, as well as the vibrant yellow flowers looking great, they also produce a high amount of nectar. We have taken full advantage of this additional product of the oil seed rape and have housed some honey bees on our farm.

To extract the rapeseed oil we use a technique called cold pressing. Cold pressing is the simple and traditional method of producing oil. The seed is simply pressed (or squeezed) at a low temperature, which means that the oils natural rich golden colour and nutrients are preserved. Once the oil has settled, it is filtered and then bottled. It really is as simple as that. No heat, no chemicals just pure and natural home grown oil. We only press our seed once, this ensures that we only produce the highest quality, undiluted cold pressed rapeseed oil.

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