Product of the Month - Chipotle Mayonnaise

chipotle mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil

This month our product of the month is our delicious chipotle mayonnaise. This yummy mayonnaise is the perfect dose of flavour for a huge range of meals and snacks. 

Launched only a year ago this rapeseed oil based mayonnaise has become a firm favourite. We love it's flavour and it is a real 'go to' product for us. Below we are sharing with you some of its uses that we have discovered ourselves or that have been recommended to us by our customers:

chipotle mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil
chipotle mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil
  • The classic sandwich or burger accompaniment is one of the top choices for this flavoursome mayonnaise.
  • Add as a dip with chips, sweet potato fries or anything else that takes your fancy. It's sure to give a little kick to any snack or side dish. 
  • Add a spoon of this mayonnaise into a pasta sauce to add a little extra flavour. 
  • For a different take on tradition add to tuna mayonnaise or egg mayonnaise fillings for sandwiches or jacket potatoes. 
  • Use in homemade coleslaw to add a new flavour dimension.

Do you have any other unique ways that you use this mayonnaise? Let us know at