Product of the Month - Garlic Oil

Garlic flavoured rapeseed oil

Garlic oil has to be one of your all time favourite rapeseed oils from Brock and Morten. Aside from our natural rapeseed oil, it has to be our best seller. We definitely see why. It is so versatile and very yummy with many dishes. It is also a great flavoured rapeseed oil to use all year round.  

Many of our customers tell us they like to use our garlic flavoured rapeseed oil as a dipping oil with balsamic vinegar. We definitely agree with this one, its one of our favourite ways to enjoy the garlic flavoured rapeseed oil too. It is a great way to enjoy the depth of flavour that this flavoured rapeseed oil provides. 

Another great recipe to use this flavoured rapeseed oil in at this time of year is Spring lamb. Stud a joint of lamb with rosemary and drizzle with garlic flavoured rapeseed oil before cooking, for a delicious flavour to your meat. 

For an everyday usage, we love to drizzle baked potatoes in garlic flavoured rapeseed oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and then wrap in foil to bake in the oven. It adds a great flavour level to something that would ordinarily be very simple. 

Garlic rapeseed oil

We would love to hear if you have any good recipes to share for how you use our garlic flavoured rapeseed oil. Email us with your ideas or tag us in your social media posts using the hashtags #brockandmortenrecipes