Product of the Month - Smoked Rapeseed Oil

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It's barbeque season and the perfect time to use our smoked rapeseed oil. This flavoured rapeseed oil will add a wonderful smoky flavour to any dish. It can be used as part of a marinade, a dipping oil or brushed onto burgers to give them an extra smokey flavour. 

One of our favourite ways to use it in a barbeque menu is to cook fried onions in a tablespoon of smoked rapeseed oil to give them a great smokey taste. It also works really well on corn on the cob and grilled courgette and vegetable kebabs too.

If you are cooking something like pulled pork for your summer gathering, drizzle the smoked rapeseed oil over your shoulder of pork to add an intense smokey flavour. 

We also love this great flavoured oil with fish too, which can be cooked perfectly on the barbeque. 

As smoked oil is our product of the month, you can get 20% off throughout the whole month. Use code SMOKED17 at the checkout.