Sauced Here


At Brock & Morten we are lucky enough to have lots of fabulous stockists and we will be forever grateful of the work they put in to raise awareness of small, local businesses. 

One of our stockists, Sauced Here, are an amazing example of how a small, independent business can really add value to customers lives. Based on the concept that when you visit a new town or village for the weekend, due to never visiting before, you lack the local knowledge of the area and often miss out on hidden gems. 

Rapeseed oil Derbyshire

Sauced Here, based in Bakewell, offer the convenience and similar choice that you may get from an online supermarket experience, however, everything at Sauced Here is hand sourced from the area’s top providers. All you have to do is place your order and the lovely owners go to each of the purveyors, collect your items and provide them to you via one flexible delivery to your door, cottage or campsite. Offering you supermarket convenience with artisan quality.

Sauced Here hand pick the best producers around Bakewell ensuring their customers only receive the best taste. Due to living in Bakewell for over 10 years and buying locally whenever possible, they certainly know the best producers in the area.

Derbyshire rapeseed oil

The Derbyshire countryside is renown for being one of the most idyllic places to visit in the UK so if you have an upcoming visit we would definitely advise you stock up for your stay with Sauced Here. Better yet, they even stock our versatile Brock and Morten Oil to add flavour to whatever you plan to make! 

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