The Salad Box

healthy mobile event catering

We are proud to launch our latest venture, The Salad Box. Part of our reason for producing rapeseed oil is our huge passion for food. We adore cooking, trying new flavours and using our rapeseed oils in as many meals as we can. It was a natural progression for us to start providing some of the food we love to our customers. 

To do this we needed an outlet to provide from. Having a bricks and morter eatery was not ideal for us as it would take us away from our rapeseed oil production, so we needed something a little more mobile. When we discovered our converted horse box we realised this was the perfect place to serve the dishes we love. Being mobile, this also enabled us to take the horse box with us to the many events we attend across the country each year. 

We have named our new venture The Salad Box, and serve a variety of deliciously tempting salads, soups and stews; as well as a range of hot and cold drinks and healthy snacks. 

We are delighted to now offer The Salad box for events, weddings, celebrations and private hire too.

Offering a range of delicious and healthy options, unlike most of the other catering options you find at events, you can rest assured that our food is delicious and virtuous. Of course, our delicious rapeseed oil and mayonnaise is available to dress all of our dishes. 

If you are interested in hiring The Salad Box to cater at your special occasion, or you would like to invite us to an event you are holding, please contact us using the button below.