Truffle Oil - A Great Taste Award Winner!

Today we found out that we are yet again a Great Taste Award Winner!! We couldn't be more delighted that our Truffle Oil has won a Great Taste Award! 

Want to try this oil for yourself? It is incredibly versatile, just take a look at the ideas below. 

Make Truffle Oil Vinaigrette
Add a teaspoon of truffle oil to rapeseed oil, lemon juice (or vinegar), salt, pepper and mustard (preferably dijon).

Add to Salads and Antipasti
Drizzle over salads and enjoy with hard cheese and cured meats.

Add to the Everyday
Drizzle truffle oil over potatoes, pasta, polenta or risotto. The mild flavoured starchy base of potatoes, pasta polenta and risotto is a perfect match for the flavour of truffle oil.

Pizza with Truffle Oil
Drizzle truffle oil over pizza and enjoy with the pizza crust.

Drizzled over scrambled eggs or a decedent cheese omelette. Eggs and truffle oil are a perfect combination that we urge you to try!

Add to Vegetables
Some great flavour combinations include asparagus, cauliflower, sweetcorn, mushrooms, sweet potato and butternut squash.

Beef Carpacio
Delicious drizzled with truffle oil

Truffle oil and mushrooms are a great combination. Add to mushroom risotto and mushroom soup.

Add to Lamb
Drizzle over roast lamb to add a great flavour.

Meats and Fish
Truffle oil will complement many types of fish, red meat and chicken. Rabbit is another meat that truffle oil works well with.

Popcorn and Chips
After they have been cooked toss popcorn, or chips in truffle oil for a delicious flavour. Finish the chips of with a light sprinkle of parmesan. 

If you have any other ideas for how to use our delicious truffle oil let us know on or tag us on social media.