Stocking Selfridges

Last year we were given the amazing opportunity of submitting Brock and Morten for the Selfridges Meet The Makers campaign. We knew other small businesses that had applied previously and it was somewhere we could see our home grown, home produced, Derbyshire product standing out.

Rapeseed oil stockist selfridges

After submitting a lengthy document outlining our business, products, ethos, values and vision, we received the call inviting us down to Selfridges London head office to pitch our rapeseed oil in front of the panel. Immediately, visions of a dragons den scenario entered our heads and filled us with dread. It didn't take long for us to find our confidence and remind ourselves how proud we are of our product. Home grown, home pressed and home bottled Derbyshire rapeseed oil; whats not to love?

We headed excitedly down to London, trying to remember everything we wanted to say about our products and our business. When we arrived at Selfridges we were amazed at the reception we received. Everyone was so welcoming and we were surprised how the Meet the Makers campaign is such a big deal for them. You would think with Selfridges being such a big company and having so much happening within it, meeting small makers and producers wouldn't be a big deal; it was! Selfridges really do put a lot back into small businesses and there was so much energy around the building. We headed in for our proposal and it was no where near as scary as we imagined, in-fact we enjoyed it! It was great to talk to such knowledgable people about our product. These people see thousands of products every year and they liked ours! We went away feeling happy about our pitch, knowing that if this was where it all ended, we tried our best.

Rapeseed oil stockist selfridges

That wasn't the end of it; a couple of days later we received an exciting call to say that Selfridges wanted Brock and Morten Rapeseed Oil on their shelves! Excited doesn't cover it, we were completely elated. Since that call we have exhibited within the Selfridges store to demonstrate our products to customers and staff. Our products have now been on the shelves of Selfridges since July 2015 and we couldn't be prouder.

When we started this business we had dreams and aspirations that our business in a little corner of Derbyshire would reach much further afield. Three years in and we are happy to say we are getting there!