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We are very proud at Brock and Morten that everything that goes into our rapeseed oil starts and begins on our farm. To tell you more about what happens behind the scenes we will be running a series of blog posts that provide you with an insight into what happens within our business.

behind the scenes of rapeseed oil production

To start this series off here are ten facts about Brock and Morten.

  • The business is run by Kate Brocklehurst and Ben Furness.
  • We are both from farming families and have always lived on the farm; and still do.
  • Our 700 acre farm is based in Derbyshire, in the picturesque Ashford in the Water. We are tenant farmers on a Chatsworth Farm. You can see us if you are walking or cycling along the Monsal Trail.
  • We grow all our own oil seed rape, which we then turn into our delicious oils.
  • Our rapeseed is pressed and bottled on site, by us!
  • Our product is available through many stockists, but you can also find us at lots of food fairs and events too. See our events calendar for more information.
  • We have recently given a home to some bees! Throughout the year we will also be selling our delicious honey too. This has limited availability, so if you see some at a food fair, snap it up!
  • The name Brock and Morten comes from the combination of two family names Brocklehurst and Morten. Morten is the maden name of Kate's mum and was used within the brand name because the oil seed rape is grown on Kate's parents farm. 
  • We have a passion for food and love that our products can complement so many different dishes.
  • We love what we do and can't imagine doing anything else.
how rapeseed oil is made and produced