New Product Launch - Mayonnaise

Last week, while we were exhibiting at Badminton Horse Trials, we launched a brand new product! 

We have been so excited to launch this product and add it to our range and we think it complements our rapeseed oils perfectly. If you haven't already seen from our recent pictures on FacebookInstagram and Twitter we have added a delicious selection of mayonnaise to our product range. 

The mayonnaise comes in three flavours; NaturalGarlic and Chipotle. You can buy these through our website or at the events we attend, you can find a list of those on our event calendar. The feed back we had from the launch event of our new mayonnaise was fantastic.

This week we are celebrating British Sandwich Week and our mayonnaise is the perfect sandwich accompaniment! It’s also been suggested by our Facebook friends that it would be ideal for dipping chips in, we like that idea too! Another idea is to have it with asparagus, a seasonal favourite that would taste delicious with any of these mayonnaise flavours.

Adding a mayonnaise to our product range has been something we have wanted to do for a while. Now that we have a great range of rapeseed oils including, naturalchillilemonbasilgarlic and our most recent flavour, smoked; we thought it was time to extend our range much further. 

We have lots more exciting products that we are hoping to bring into the Brock and Morten family within the next couple of years and our new mayonnaise is the first of this new line of products. 

Have you tried it yet? Let us know what you think.