Behind the Scenes - Calving

Brock and Morten and its owners Kate and Ben are part of a long standing farming heritage. The business is based on the same farm that Kate’s grandparents and parents have farmed for many years, and still do! Today they are going to give you an insight into the farming side of the family business and an important time of year for them, calving. 

There is lots going on at our busy farm based in Ashford in the Water and our Rapeseed Oil production is just a small part of it. Understanding the farming history and heritage behind our company, Brock and Morten, is to appreciate the knowledge and expertise we have in developing and producing our products. 

There is lots to talk about in the farming world, but in this post we are going to tell you a little bit about calving, as we are now two thirds of the way through our calving season. 

Our farm, as well as growing wheat, barley and our oil seed rape, which we then turn into our rapeseed oil, also holds cattle, an important time for us is the calving season, when new animals are born.

As usual this year has had its ups and downs. The oldest calves and cows are now outside in the fields having been tagged and vaccinated and are happily skipping around enjoying the sunshine!

We have an orphan calf which is fed twice a day on a surrogate mother, who will hopefully will accept the calf in due course.

When a cow calves she is put in her own pen for 24hours and then moved into pens with batches of 6-8 other cows. Finally they are moved outside in the same small batch. This helps the cow and calf bond together before going out into the large herd.

We hope this provides a small insight into some of the activity that happens on our farm, it really is a busy hive of activity all year round.