An Introduction to Brock and Morten

mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil

We are delighted to have had so many wonderful new customers recently, so we thought it was about time we introduced our full product range to you. Over the past few years we have greatly expanded our product range from our original rapeseed oil, to our latest product balsamic vinegar.

Below you will find a guide to all of our current products in the range, with more on their way soon!

Rapeseed Oil

natural rapeseed oil
flavoured rapeseed oil

The very first product we produced was our delicious natural rapeseed oil which is grown, pressed and bottled from our farm on in Derbyshire.

We expanded on this great natural taste to bring you our award winning flavoured range of rapeseed oils. With this range of flavoured rapeseed oils we have won a number of Great Taste Awards. Our rapeseed oil flavours include:

Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil with rapeseed oil

Our rapeseed oil range expanded to include a truffle flavoured version. We use the finest Italian black truffle and truffle essence to flavour our natural cold pressed rapeseed oil.


Mayonnaise made with rapeseed oil

When we first started producing our rapeseed oil, we always had in mind that a mayonnaise would be on the list of products that we would want to create in the future. We made so many batches of it ourself at home using both our natural and flavoured rapeseed oils, that it just made sense to include it as part of our product range. Using our key ingredient of rapeseed oil in this product provides it with a delicious intense flavour, and along with our flavoured elements in the garlic and chipotle mayonnaise, it will really add a wow factor to your dishes.



We introduced honey bee’s to our farm a few years ago, with the sole aim that they would feed from the oil seed rape flower that we grow and would produce a delicious flavoured honey as a result. We were delighted when the first batch came along and our honey is now one of our customers favourite products.

Balsamic Vinegar


Last year we introduced balsamic vinegar into our range. This product complements our rapeseed oil perfectly, especially when it come to dipping. However, as a stand alone product, it is wonderful within itself and has so many great uses. We have both a Balsamic Vinegar and an Italian White Dressing, which is a white grape version of the typical balsamic version you would find. The Italian White Dressing is a beautifully sweet dressing which works well when making homemade mint sauce.

We hope you enjoy trying out our products and maybe find something new of ours to test along the way. You can find us at a range of events across the UK where we have product samples for you to try before you buy.

If you have any questions about our rapeseed oil, or any of our products, just get in touch.