How to Use our Rapeseed Oil

the best rapeseed oil for baking

Whilst most of our customers can think of many uses for our delicious rapeseed oils, we still have many new customers asking us for ideas of how to use the oils. We though we would list below some of our favourite ideas for rapeseed oil use, whether it be natural or flavoured rapeseed oil.

The best rapeseed oil to use in baking

Our rapeseed oil is great to use in baking. Whilst most people favour the natural flavoured rapeseed oil to use in their bakes, the chilli and lemon flavoured rapeseed oils are also much favoured for baking with. Try our recipe for chilli chocolate truffles or lemon cake. So many recipes now include an oil as an ingredient and there is nothing better than a good quality rapeseed oil to add a beautiful rich flavour. Our Natural rapeseed oil works perfectly in carrot cake to make sure it is deliciously moist, but also adds the great nutty flavour that rapeseed oil has in abundance.


Rapeseed oil and Balsamic Vinegar for dipping

Our rapeseed oil is the perfect addition to an antipasti dipping platter. Add this to our new balsamic vinegar and you have a winning combination. Our flavoured oils really come into their own here and our range of great tasting flavours mean there is something for everyone and every season. Lemon and basil flavoured rapeseed oil seem to be the big favourites in the spring, whilst garlic flavoured rapeseed oil is always a summer favourite and chilli and smoked flavoured rapeseed oils are the autumn choices. Whichever you choose, we are sure you will be delighted with our oil, balsamic and a slice of freshly bake focaccia.

Dressings for salads

Whether you are making a fresh spring or summer salad or a warmed autumn winter version, a drizzle of our rapeseed oil to finish always ensures perfection. We often opt for a flavoured rapeseed oil when we want a little extra flavour to our dish, but our natural rapeseed oil works brilliantly too. Simply drizzle over your salad to finish the dish. With a warm salad, you can also cook the ingredients with the oil too, which will help them to take on the flavour.


Cooking with rapeseed oil

One of the main purposes of our rapeseed oil is to cook with it. You will find it provides a great base to cook with, without leaving a greasy residue to your food. The flavoured rapeseed oils in our collection also help to add some extra flavours to whatever is on your menu. Our garlic rapeseed oil really packs a punch on a roast leg of lamb and our smoked rapeseed oil is not to be missed in a chilli con carne.

We hope this gives you some inspiration for how to use our rapeseed oil in your kitchen. We also have a page full of recipe ideas for you to use here.