Baking with Rapeseed Oil

baking with rapeseed oil

At Brock & Morten we use rapeseed oil as an alternative whenever possible, even we are baking! 

Many of our customers are surprised when we advise swapping fattening oils or butter for rapeseed oil as many associate it with only using for dipping, as a dressing or roasting. In fact, due to rapeseed oil’s delicate flavour, it is perfect to use when baking as the flavour does not bleed out during the baking process, offering a tasteful good, neutral fat.

rapeseed oil including baking

Rapeseed oil can replace butter in many baking recipes, such as cakes, pie crusts and muffins. The oil yields a moister and softer product as well as having less saturated fat. By replacing a solid fat such as butter or margarine with rapeseed oil can reduce total fat by up to 25 percent – leaving you feeling guilt-free as well as allowing you to save on calories! 

Our Brock & Morten oil is also high in mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats omegas 3,6 and 9, meaning it can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels as part of a healthy balanced diet – beneficial for heart health.  

rapeseed oil in baking

Not only is rapeseed oil a good option for yourself to switch to, but for the whole family. Rapeseed oil is a very good natural source of vitamin E that helps protect the body from dangerous free radicals, as well as keeps the skin, heart and circulation, nerves, muscles and red blood cells healthy. 

Are you convinced by the health benefits but unsure of the taste? 

Many of our customers are wary at first due to wanting to bake something wholesome and delicious, but we can reassure you that you will achieve just that using rapeseed oil! Our oil is so versatile so you can continue to use with other meals too.

Alongside our subtle, earthy natural rapeseed oil we also have flavoured rapeseed oils for those looking for that extra flavour. From chilli and smoked to lemon and garlic, all of our oils reap the health benefits but offer that extra zing.

So why not try it for yourself? If you enjoy baking often we can guarantee that it will add a healthy flavour to your delicious recipes!