Baking With Rapeseed Oil

baking with rapeseed oil

For most avid bakers using oil as an ingredient in baking will not be anything out of the ordinary. However, for a lot of people the thought of using rapeseed oil especially can sound a little odd. Even bakers who often use an oil within their baking may not have considered rapeseed oil as an alternative to some of the typical oils recommended. Let us tell you why rapeseed oil is a great addition to your recipes.

Not only does baking with any oil reduce the use of fat within your recipe, it also makes for deliciously moist bakes. Take our carrot cake recipe for example. This cake is so delicious because of the added rapeseed oil and to be completely honest we can’t bring ourselves to eat any other carrot cake, as we know it just won’t be as good.

You will also find that rapeseed oil adds a great extra depth of flavour to your baking. Rapeseed oil has a natural nutty flavour to it, which, with certain recipes will work absolutely brilliantly. It is so complementary in our biscotti recipe and our banana bread recipe.

Rapeseed oil baking recipe
Baking with rapeseed oil

Whilst our natural rapeseed oil is extremely versatile for baking with, our flavoured rapeseed oils are also great additions to certain recipes. Take our lemon and almond cake recipe for example, we love this recipe as it makes use of our delicious lemon flavoured rapeseed oil. If you are a chilli fan our chilli and chocolate truffle recipe is the one for you. This recipe uses our chilli flavoured rapeseed oil, which is a popular option in our flavoured rapeseed oil range.

If you are intrigued to start baking with rapeseed oil we have a whole host of recipes on the recipe section of our website.