Flavoured Rapeseed Oil Essentials for the Festive Season

flavoured rapeseed oil for Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching and this is one of our favourite times of year for cooking. With so many dishes which are comforting, hearty and traditional at this time of year, there is always so much on our menu. We also find at this time of year our flavoured rapeseed oils really come into their own. We get through so much of it as it really does complement so many Autumn and Winter recipes.

Below you will find a guide to some of our flavoured rapeseed oil store cupboard staples at this time of year and some of the recipes we use them in, we hope you find this useful for creating some delicious meals of your very own.

Chilli Rapeseed Oil


If, like us, you have an abundance of pumpkins left over from Halloween displays, a good way to use them up is to make them into soup. We love adding a dash of our Chilli Rapeseed oil when cooking off the onions for the recipe to add some warmth to the dish.

Our Chilli Rapeseed Oil is also a great ingredient to be used in our chilli and chocolate truffle recipe. These are great for a homemade Christmas gift.

Smoked Rapeseed Oil

smoked flavoured rapeseed oil

This is one of our favourite flavoured rapeseed oils to use in winter for a great warming smokey flavour. A well used recipe of ours for bonfire and festive gatherings is slow cooked pulled pork and we wouldn’t be without this oil when we are cooking that.

This oil is also great for adding a smokey flavour to fish and home made falafel.

Garlic Rapeseed Oil

garlic rapeseed oil

This is another great store cupboard essential for us. We love using our garlic rapeseed oil on our roast vegetables, alongside some fresh rosemary, as well as many meats and fish dishes. We can never be without this flavoured rapeseed oil.

Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil made with rapeseed oil

Our truffle oil is a great addition to your Christmas store cupboard. A drizzle added to lots of different dishes at this time of year is divine. We have a lots of ideas for how to use this oil here. A great one is over freshly popped popcorn!

We hope these oils add something extra special to your cooking this year. If you would like to order any of these, just use the button below to shop online.