Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Like most of us, you probably have the best intentions of starting the new year as healthy as possible, and with the Christmas period almost over we guess it is time to start thinking of the small healthy alternatives you can begin to make within your family’s meals!

One healthy alternative that we feel is a pretty easy to make here at Brock & Morton is the transition to cooking with rapeseed oil. 

Rapeseed oil

At Brock & Morton we are so proud that every bottle of our rapeseed oil has the lowest possible food mileage due to it the fact that we grow the seed, harvest the crop, press the seed, flavour the oil and bottle it all onsite at our farm in Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire. 

Brock & Morton cold pressed rapeseed oil is a healthier, British alternative to olive and other imported culinary oils and is naturally rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. It contains ten times more omega 3 than olive oil, which is a fatty acid that is vital for the body as it aids brain and eye development, helps control insulin and cholesterol levels and can reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. 

Rapeseed oil is also very low in saturated fat, containing less than half that of olive oil and 35% less than sunflower oil. Rapeseed oil has an incredibly light and delicate flavour and can be used in a number of ways, from salad dressings and homemade mayonnaise for dipping warm crusty bread, to baking or cooking homemade soups and casseroles. 

Rapeseed oil

We hope you have had a lovely, relaxing festive period and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018. 

Here’s to another year of buying local and supporting small businesses, and hopefully choosing the healthier option!